CPCDC promotes youth volunteering. We reach out to our local schools and get the kids involved in various activities and events. We also reward this behavior. In fact, each year, we award one Church Point High graduate, who exemplifies our mission and vision, with a $1,000 award.

This award is known as the Charles Labbe Memorial Award.

Charles Labbe was a man, who had a great vision for Church Point.         

He believed in our community, contributing to its growth, sharing  its heritage, and investing in our youth.

These values are really at the core of our mission, so this project with the Labbe family has truly been a great fit for our organization, and it is something we are super proud of.

The Labbe family contacted us with this idea early in 2017 and we granted the first award that year. That first year, though, the award was $500. Church Point Community Development contributed half and the Labbe family contributed the other half. Since that first year, we have had several other donors for this award, and now the award is $1,000 each year!

We have also started an endowment fund at Community Foundation of Acadiana with the purpose of making annual these annual $1,000 awards become permanent and self‐sustaining.

To achieve this, we have set out to raise $25,000 that will serve as the principal investment in order to generate the necessary annual spending amount. This will enable us to reward students who display the characteristics Charles had envisioned, for many years to come.

Special thanks to Scott Privat, Royal Engineering, and Entergy for their annual contributions to this fund!

Award: $1,000 for best demonstration of community involvement and spirit.


  • Graduating senior at Church Point High School
  • 500-1,000 word essay answering the following:

How have you volunteered in and around Church Point?

Who/what did your volunteerism benefit?

What does volunteering mean to you?

How do you see yourself being involved in the community in the future?

How do you intend to use the award proceeds to benefit your future?

Congratulations To Our 2021 Recipient Ashley Reynaga