Church Point Community Development Corporation

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Church Point Community Development Corporation was formed in 2008 to facilitate the funding and building of Buggy Town Playground.  CPCDC raised approximately $125,000 with no grants or any type of funding from any government agencies, and the playground was built completely with volunteer labor by the people of Church Point and surrounding area.  Buggy Town Playground opened in May of 2008 proving that no matter what, “dreams can become realities”!

American Heritage Dictionary defines the word community as: sharing, participation, and fellowship.  In Church Point, there is unlikely a better example of this definition of community than Buggy Town Playground.  It is built on a foundation of sharing, maintained through participation, and enjoyed by fellowship.  BTP is, as was said in the beginning: “imagined by children, built by community”.

From the beginning CPCDC has been committed to properly maintaining this remarkable playground. Our fundraising events include Breakfast with Santa, BBQ Hamburger sales and in the past an annual golf tournament. Over the years, the nonprofit corporation has paid for new mulch, replacement components, signs, and repainting of different areas on the playground.

In addition to maintaining BTP, CPCDC has recently invested funds into the beautification and cleanup of the Church Point Depot. A flower bed has been installed around the Depot sign and the city has assisted in cleaning up under the depot. Future plans include one larger flower bed at the end of the depot as well as to install a border around the bottom to prevent trash build up. We have also created “Please Don’t Litter” signs and distributed to residents of CP to help keep our community clean. CPCD has also invested funds in other community projects and continues to try to find ways to improve the quality of life in Church Point.  It also contributed $5000 to Le Vieux Presbytere Museum, and has paid for its officers to attend Leadership Excel class.

Church Point Community Development Corporation

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